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My next chair

I love to build things. That probably comes with being a scientist: the challenge of making a bunch of things fit together. I’ve built much of the furniture we have in the house, plus a couple of canoes, clocks, and the like.

Because of my bad knees, a couple of years ago I built myself a Morris Chair for my office.

morrischairThis chair is very comfortable and great for working on a laptop. With a laptop on your lap, and the wide armrests are perfect for mousing on one side and for standing a tea cup or plate of sushi on the other.

The project I’m working on right now is a Maloof-style rocking chair. It’s great fun to take a pile of boards, and turn it into something.

Here’s the pile of boards:

The chair as boards

Here’s the chair with only legs:

First parts together.


And here’s those boards changed into almost all of the parts to become the rocker:

All the parts side view.


Now comes a lot of shaping and fairing with spokeshaves and rasps. I’ll post more when the rocker’s done.

UPDATE (7 July 2010): It’s done!

Finished Rocker

The finished maple rocker.



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  1. Ted

    I’ve always admire people who are gifted with their hands creating beautiful wood creations. I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years and since the beginning of purchasing my guitars, I always had an eye out for the type of wood in the construction of a guitar, acoustic or electric. I have a circa 1977 Martin D-35 with a beautiful Brazilian rosewood back. My current electric guitar, a Yamaha USA 1 guitar has a beautiful flamed maple top. Obviously, you have the “chops” no pun intended to create wood creations of all sorts, canoes, clocks, rocking chair, various furniture pieces . . . any thoughts on building ukuleles, acoustic guitars, solid body electric guitars, semi acoustic jazz guitars?



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