I’m a proud RINO. I’ve been called that a lot, and I like it and am proud to be called so. After the founders, my political heroes are people like Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower. These political leaders understood the necessity of government providing the playing field for the nation’s economy: not to run the economy, but to provide the infrastructure and rulebook to have the private economy flourish.

Clay was the architect and main champion for the American System.

Lincoln signed into law the Morrill Act to establish the land-grant college and university system.

Roosevelt understood the limits needed on corporate power and so enacted a legislative agenda to curb corporate excesses in his Square Deal.

Eisenhower built the interstate highway system.

Where are the political leaders with these convictions and foresight today? Certainly much wasteful government spending occurs. However, starving the beast to cut off all spending is a meat axe that will lop off the good and bad simultaneously. Cutting wasteful spending and onerous programs, while simultaneously investing in needed infrastructure and programs that better society and the economic well-being of the nation, should be the structure of our current economic policy debate.