To the professor who criticized my not giving the median grades for the Art History and Spanish departments during my talk to the full faculty last week, and who said that I was “disingenuous” in saying that they were the only two Dartmouth departments with A- modes, I actually told you all the information you need to know exactly what their medians are.  I just didn’t say it out loud.  Can’t a guy structure points in a talk for effect?  

Here’s the problem for you:  I said that only four departments at Dartmouth had a median of B+ [Chemistry, Economics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics] last year, and all others had a median of A or A-.  I also said that Art History and Spanish are the only two departments with a mode of A- and every other department is higher, as you rightly characterized to Mr. Asch.  So what are their median grades? 

Hint: if their medians were A, what would their modes have to be? 

Perhaps we need that quantitative distributive requirement for faculty as well.