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Side Tables

Last week, while writing and deriving equations on paper, I decided I didn’t have enough surface area in my office at home.  So last weekend I whipped up a couple of side tables.

Oak Side Tables Side tables made of red oak in 2019.

In the future, I might turn these into Shaker sewing tables, by adding hanging drawers under the table tops.  I’ll update this if I do.

Update – Added drawers to one of the tables.

Shaker sewing table

Shaker sewing table I built of oak with oak and maple drawers.


Sarah’s Dresser

This fall (2019), I made Sarah a dresser of cherry and spalted, birds-eye maple. All the drawers are dovetailed.  No screws, all hand-cut jointery.


Sarah’s Desk

Yesterday I finished a desk for Sarah to take to school with her this fall.  It has a cherry frame, with spalted birds-eye maple top and drawers.  

Sarah's Desk Desk made of cherry with spalted birds-eye maple top and drawers I built for Sarah in 2019.



Saturday Project

I built this maple bench and coat rack last Saturday.   This was a fun little project to throw together.

Bench and Coat Rack Maple bench and coat rack I built one Saturday in 2019.

New Bookshelf

All our bookshelves were full.  So, last month I built a new bookshelf from red oak.  It’s the height of a normal table and is designed to be both a table and a bookshelf.

Low bookcase I made of red oak in 2018.

So for those of you who know your Plato, which form does this “thing” have?


My Current Shop

If you’re going to build things, you have to have a place to do it.  Over the years and many houses, I’ve had shops in all kinds of spaces – small storerooms in the basement mainly.  At our last house, I had the biggest shop I’ve ever had, a two-car garage with very large bays.

In our current house, I’ve downsized to only one bay of a two-car garage. 

My current shop.

One makes due.  Unlike our last house, the garage bays in this house have drains to take out the melted snow off the cars, which is great if you store cars in here, but bad for a shop. The floor is essentially a cone with a 4º slope down to the drain the middle (covered with a piece of gray fabric cloth in the above picture).  But again, you make it work.

See, it really is a garage.

This shop is also now well lit because I just finished replacing all the original light fixtures with 4′ LED fixtures.  It’s amazing what a little light will do.

Now, back to building something. The stack of oak on the workbench are the legs to a desk I just started.


A Couple Of Side Tables

I just finished a couple of side tables.  The one on the left has a birds-eye maple top, and the one on the right has a curly maple top.

These are presents I made this week.  I’ve made a few of these tables now, and I like them very much. I can knock one out in a weekend, and people seem to really like them when I give them as presents.  I hope these two are well-received when we give them.

Kenyon Side Tables Two cherry and maple-topped side tables I made as presents in 2018.


More Chairs!

The Boss wants a new set of kitchen chairs to go with the kitchen table I made last winter. I started the prototype today.

Finished chairs with table

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The finished kitchen table and chairs.

The legs and seat rails are made of cherry, and the back rails are maple. The seat will also be maple. I’ll update this as this prototype is finished and more come into existence.

23 April 2017: legs tapered. Everything on the chair sanded and assembled. All mortise-&-tenon joints pinned with walnut dowels. Finally, two braces installed on the insides of each leg joint – one high and one low on the joint. Only one of these inner braces is installed right now; the second set will be installed after the seat is attached. Hopefully, this is enough stabilization of these joints to allow me to get away with no lower struts on the legs.

23 August 2017: Finally, all the chairs are finished, so the kitchen table and chair set is complete!


A New Kitchen Table

Last April, we moved into a new house.  Before we moved, I ripped out all the carpet on the main floor of the new house and then installed hard maple flooring throughout.  It only took me 5 days to do 6 rooms.  


HMS Beagle

If you’re an evolutionary biologist and you’re going to build a ship model, what ship should you build?  That’s an easy question – the HMS Beagle. That’s the ship that took Charles Darwin around the world on his voyage of discovery as a young man.  His adventures and discoveries on this voyage are chronicled in his first book The Voyage of the Beagle.

It took about 3 months of weekends, scattered over 6-8 years (I’ve lost track), to finish it. UPDATE: 22 March 2015, I finished the glass case to cover the model.  That came out well as well.  


Kitchen table and chairs

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Kitchen table and chairs made from cherry and maple in 2017. The table top is made from tongue&groove maple flooring left over from out house renovations.


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