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Sarah’s Dresser

This fall (2019), I made Sarah a dresser of cherry and spalted, birds-eye maple. All the drawers are dovetailed.  No screws, all hand-cut jointery.


Sarah’s Desk

Yesterday I finished a desk for Sarah to take to school with her this fall.  It has a cherry frame, with spalted birds-eye maple top and drawers.  

Sarah's Desk Desk made of cherry with spalted birds-eye maple top and drawers I built for Sarah in 2019.



A Couple Of Side Tables

I just finished a couple of side tables.  The one on the left has a birds-eye maple top, and the one on the right has a curly maple top.

These are presents I made this week.  I’ve made a few of these tables now, and I like them very much. I can knock one out in a weekend, and people seem to really like them when I give them as presents.  I hope these two are well-received when we give them.

Kenyon Side Tables Two cherry and maple-topped side tables I made as presents in 2018.

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