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Laugh While You Cry About Standardized Testing

John Oliver tells it like it is about standardized testing in our K-12 educational system. From Last Week Tonight.


Another Hilarious Take Down of Science Denial

Another great piece by Aasif Mandvi about the consequences of science denial.  


You Can’t Pick & Choose Your Facts

Samantha Bee gets it!

“Once Florida is underwater and we all have polio, it will all be better.”

UPDATE 1 July 2014 – The latest review of the literature of 166 “placebo-controlled clinical trials and cohort studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated patients” shows that vaccinations are completely safe. You can find the report here, and a summary of the study here.


Need a good laugh?

Here’s a great exchange of fart jokes between Billy Connolly and Tom Snyder on The Late, Late Show a few months before Snyder retired.


Science Mystery in Maine

Another masterpiece by the Colbert Report.


Real Intellect

Louis CK is my favorite comedian right now.  This interview clip with Conan O’Brien is one of the most insightful commentaries on society and human attitudes I’ve seen in a long time.


People just need to appreciate what we have.

“Everything is amazing right now, and nobody’s happy!”



This never gets old,


no matter how many times you see it!
And from their 1948 Radio Show, the famous Bob Feller Routine (there’s only one Feller on the team).


Science Exposed

Aasif Mandvi & Jon Stewart have it:


George Carlin – The Earth and Humans

George Carlin really understood the relationship between humans and the Earth!

He must have been a paleontologist.


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