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Standardized Testing Is Counterproductive, Corrosive and Corrupting

This week I was part of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshop for high school and university teachers.  The point of the workshop was to foster the exchange of ideas about how to increase science education effectiveness at all levels of a person’s education.  The room was full of a set of amazing high school teachers from our local schools in New Hampshire and Vermont, both public and private.  This was a most depressing meeting.  Listening to these educators describe what they want to do and what they want to try to do relative to what they must do was disheartening personally and more than a bit frightening for what it is forcing on our next generation.


Doing Science

The best faculty member in any discipline at a major university integrates teaching and research into one seamless endeavor. These activities are at one level synergistic: teaching forces the faculty member to think beyond the narrow confines of the current grant or the current experimental result, while research maintains the desire for discovery that pervades the best teaching. However, when considered at a more fundamental level, they are in fact the same endeavor.


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