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So I Should Give Students Grades They Don’t Deserve?

Two editorials (see here and here) in today’s The Dartmouth, our student-run newspaper, take great exception with the proposal that the Ad Hoc Committee on Grading Practices and Grade Inflation made to address the problems causing grade inflation.  Both editorials show that students do recognize these problems are severe, but both argue that nothing should be done to correct these problems.  

In fact, their explicit arguments are (1) extracurricular activities are more important than coursework to their education, and (2) students should receive grades they do not deserve.

Let me quote extensively from the editorials so that I am not taking anything out of context.

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Extracurricular Activities Should Be Just That – EXTRA

Over the last month, the committee I’m on that developed a proposal to address the causes and consequences of grade inflation talked with many students.  In these conversa—tions, many Dartmouth students reported to us that they committed 35-40 hours per week to their extracurricular activities–the equivalent of full-time jobs.  They are essentially people who have full-time jobs and go to school part-time!

Moreover, many of them described these extracurricular activities as being much more important to them than their coursework.  The current student Editorial Board of The Dartmouth student newspaper seems to agree with this sentiment.

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