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Science Exposed

Aasif Mandvi & Jon Stewart have it:


A Commentary on Theology and Biology

From a letter by Michael Jinkins, President and Professor of Theology, Louisville Seminary:


If sophomore biology threatens your faith, your theology has bigger problems than Charles Darwin.


Updated 3 May 2015: to include Michael Jinkins’ position and place of employment for context.


The hardest transition

One of the hardest transitions that students have to make on the way to becoming a scientist is embracing the uncertainty of what you have to do. Science is a very weird endeavor. The philosophy of science explains why a scientist can never know whether they have the correct answer to a question; one can only know if they are wrong. Moreover, science is much more about defining a question, which means that we don’t even know what the right questions to ask are. Thus, being a scientist means that not only will you not know if you have the right answer, you won’t even know if you’re asking the right question.


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